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Matthew Glover is the founder of Veganuary, Million Dollar Vegan and now Veg Capital, an investment fund for companies striving to replace the use of animals in the food system. Veganuary launched in with 3, people pledging to go vegan for the month of January.

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Like the episode on your phone Download Free Podcast App. He travels extensively to head up their campaign to improve animal welfare at zoos and safari parks in China, and also works to increase general veterinary and animal welfare standards and promote animal-welfare education in schools and universities.

Inshe created Animals Asia to end the barbaric practice of bear animal chat farming and improving the welfare of animals in China and Vietnam by promoting compassion and respect for all animals, and working to bring about long-term change. Jill has worked in animal welfare for animal chat 30 years but ina visit to a bear farm in southern China changed her life forever. Dave chats to us about his career after graduating in Environmental Science and Conservation Biology, when he worked as an ecologist for a river restoration charity in England.

In this episode, Jill chats with Harry and Matt about her early life and where her love of animals came from.

She talks about the importance of this work and animal chat each project she worked on and each organisation she worked for, has helped improve the welfare of animals by also helping the people working and living with those animals.

She talks about the bear bile trade and what it was like to start an organisation and how Animals Asia has grown over the years, and the incredible work it does.

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She shares stories and insights about how our perception and expectations of dogs have changed over the years and in understanding these things, how it might help us become better animal chat. He is the author of seventeen books and has spent much of his career exploring the ethical and moral questions related to animal rights.

Louie is recognised as one of the top still photographers in the world, having created iconic animal chat for National Geographic for 18 years. Get this podcast on your phone! Alexandra has long been interested in how the world is experienced by dogs and her research and writing is aimed to answer the question of what it's like to be a dog. He talks about his month trip to Asia and South America where he carried out zoo investigations and reports on animal chat conditions at local marketplaces and how, during his time in Vietnam, he was profoundly disturbed by seeing moon bears in markets being sold to bear bile farmers.

In this podcast, Melissa talks about her early love of animals and campaigning her parents to get her first dog.

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Play this podcast animal chat Podbean App. She has loved animals and wanted to help them for as long as she can remember, and that passion has seen her deliver some of the most progressive, sustainable and impactful animal welfare programs in communities around in the world. Her journey to Hong Kong and a chance encounter on a beach that opened the door to animal welfare. He animal chat about the making of The Cove and The Game Changers and the fascinating insights into both of those worlds as well as amazing new projects he's working on. Alexandra Horowitz is a professor at Barnard College, Columbia University, where she teaches seminars in canine cognition, creative nonfiction writing, and audio storytelling.

In this podcast, Gene chats about his journey in animal rights activism, the changes he has seen and continues to see throughout the world, the incredible work of Farm Sanctuary, and the difference each of us can make for animals through our food choices. Share RSS. In this podcast Mark talks about his life and career, we explore some of the philosophical principles animal chat theories that form the foundation of the animal right movement, and we talk animal chat his life with Brenin and how their relationship led him to reevaluate his attitude toward love, happiness, nature, death and what it means to be human.

Veganuary in has seen over 1 million people in countries making that pledge. His books, Animal RightsAnimals Like Usand Can Animals be Moral are essential reading for anyone looking to understand the philosophy of animal rights, and his memoir, The Philosopher and the Wolf, became an international bestseller and charts the relationship between Mark Rowlands and Brenin, his extraordinarily well-travelled wolf.

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John's work has led to our greater understanding animal chat tigers' social structure, land use, animal chat habits and relationships with other species—including humans. Copyright All rights reserved. We also chat about what it's actually like to work in this sector, the things we've learned along the way and the advice we'd give people working or wanting to work in animal welfare. That led to him contacting Jill Robinson and taking on a role at Animals Asia.

Her journey through her career, from studying animal science and Michigan State University to her work at The Brooke, that led to her passion for helping communities in order to improve the lives of animals. Matthew Glover is the founder of Veganuary, Million Dollar Vegan and now Veg Capital, an investment fund for companies striving to replace the use of animals in the food system.

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John Goodrich is the Chief Scientist for Panthera, an organisation that is leading the way in global wild cat conservation science and strategy. He has over 30 years of experience in wildlife research and conservation focused on Siberian tigers and other large carnivores. We then chat about the incredible work he has done over the years throughout Asia to improve the lives of countless animals and changing attitudes and behaviours across the animal chat.

The Animal Chat Podcast. Going from a businessman and entrepreneur in the north of England to the game-changing innovation of veganuary and his subsequent ventures. In this podcast Matthew chats with us about his introduction to vegetarianism, veganism and animal rights activism what inspired him to start Veganuary. His pictures animal chat videos exposing factory farming cruelties have aired in the United States and internationally, educating millions about the plight of modern farm animals, and his animal chat work inspired an international farm sanctuary movement.

In this podcast, John chats with us about his life and work, the state of tiger welfare and conservation around the world, the enigmatic and almost mythical position that tigers hold in our culture, his lifelong passion for conservation and the incredible and magical experiences he had of seeing tigers in the wild first hand.

We chat about the changes happening in the food sector and what that means for producers, customers, consumers and the animals themselves. Veganuary launched in with 3, people pledging to go vegan for the month of January.

A pioneer in the field of undercover investigations and farm animal rescue, Gene has visited hundreds of farms, stockyards, and slaughterhouses, documenting the deplorable conditions. Loading Downlo.

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animal chat Louie chats with us about his career, his lifelong passion for the ocean, the environment, conservation and animal welfare and the incredible journey that saw him become one the the most influential and inspirational documentary makers. Gene was instrumental in passing the first U. In this podcast, Alexandra chats about her love of dogs, her work and her passion for understanding the world from a dogs point of view. And we talk about the simple joy of what it's like to share our lives with dogs. Jill Robinson is the founder of Animals Asia, one of the most pioneering and inspiring animal welfare organisations in the world today.

And animal chat she was able to undertake her groundbreaking and inspiring work to change the US food and chicken industry. In this podcast, Leah chats with Harry and Matt about her life, her career in animal welfare, how her ideas and passion guided how she moved forward and seized every opportunity.