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View Full Version : Spoken language on the chat channels. Show some respect for your gamer friend. Thank you. Why not take your xenophobic crap somewhere else. Nah, the germans are not so bad.

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Le saurons-nous vraiment un jour? So why do you want something to become mandatory, what is the mather if some speak not like you This time around the french are taking over the entire public chat while speaking a language most non-french don't even grasp. You're wrong though, this isn't about people who refuse to speak English in the chat. If they would have just stick to the 3 languages the game is currently translated in, there still would be servers with people speaking different languages.

If I ask something in chat and want to reach as many players as possible, I might write in english, because I can. So, they choose one of the English shards since we have no Spanish-deated Rift shards. This is a EU server, not a god damn french griseball. I make the effort to speak with a language translator.

In that case please somone correct me. The thing is the US don't have our problem because even Hawaii and New Orleans that have their own language also speak American-English as chat latino en trion trion official language. If someone wants to can only speak in his language, let them. You might get some broken translations, but it's still good enough to have conversations with. Package Weight. We're not in a country, we're not in England, we're in EU, there are a lot's of different languages and you want all of us to speak english? I see your point, absolutely.

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Good game. Want to enjoy the game WITH people, while this whole topic is about people who refuse to speak in english in the main chat.

If you ask me - the best thing would be if Trion or whoever develops some sort of filter - putting you in your own nation-chat according to the language of your client Why and in what way does it annoy you people? I can understand that as English is the second most spoken language after Mandarin that we may p everyone will know how to speak it but that is wrong.

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And before you wave the racism card, learn what the defenition of racism is. I do not see me talking all the time with an English translator in the game. Are you afraid that we had trash talk about english people?

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Is like i start to talk on finnish or italian on chat and make a wall of text spam for you with my own languages without any respect of all people who do not know my language. Also I liked the method we used in beta of English in Faction chat, other languages in Nation. As Trion announced no server would have any Bias. Imperium, west side. Google Chrome Download.

Who the hell are you to dictate that the 'should' speak English as a 'courtesy' or out of 'respect' to you. Originally Posted by Nitroblue. The Dutch DO speak Dutch in general tabs, but I can understand why you might mistake it for German as they look quite similiar. Probably same players too. I am on kyprosa and i dont have problems with the germans Read my post again.

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Also it is funny that while they can not write English in the game, they can do so on the forums. If someone in chat starts to talk bad about e. In a PvP game it does give players direction and targets.

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It IS however today's world language, no matter how much that fact upsets the French. The senators speak to each other in their own language which is fine, nothing wrong with that, but when speaking out into the open it is in ENGLISH.

Also I'd like to suggest that XL implements a right-click on character name report function to ease this process. You can't expect the people who don't speak English to stop communicating with each other in one of the main chats, it's pathetic to even ask.

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If I ever talk to someone in Macedonian or Serbian, it's in whisper. They spoke english. Therefore, we know that French chat easily find an answer. This hurted my little hairy frenchie heart. Then live with how it is. As for the Trial I'd like to elaborate on that it is racist to judge someone just because of it's nationality.

Is it not wonderful that we can discuss this topic Really, WOW once more. Beautiful ukranian woman Alina Yaman. Horny Ukranian milf from Donetsk. Im not sure you can google my last paragraph not every swede will get it either but that is how you talk up north where I come from more or less, less for each generation.

Means that if french speaking people want to other french speaking players, they can go there. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Sure you can.

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Oui, certes mais ce n''est pas le sujet. Should i just play the game and skip the nation chat? I am simply clear?

Wish they would just stop publishing own language clients other then English, or else we smaller countries should demand a client in our own language. You're all pathetic if you're having an argument about what language people should speak. So it's true, we play on EU-Server. The community is one massive thing and shouldn't be separated.

Kind Regard player of Reiya. Hey Ocho, I have a question. However I don't think multilanguage chats would work since there would be to much "gibberish". Go move to another server if you do not like what you see, or turn faction chat off.

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Be polite and good-mannered and everyone will respect you. I enjoy it actually and if you ask them they will talk also in english.

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There is a bit more nuance to this that mere language. Even more, when they try to write in english, they are often critisized in a bad way "learn to write" to name a harmles one. French was the language used in diplomacy long time ago, therefore "noble language", as you call it.

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Speaking your own language in guild or whatnot would not be a problem. Question : Why us french should return to school and learn english for you're pleasures?

The wall of french text in public chats proves my point. I will agree with you that it makes no sense why you could have the client in one language and not be allowed to use that language yourself. If you are so interested in what is spoken, please consider to learn the other languages.

You chat latino en trion trion as well admit you hate English people not the language which is spoken by more non English people than it is English people. And since you do not care, we all should have that same opinion, or leave. So please stop this useless fight, no one will change his mind. Expecting them to especially since many don't have fluency in English isn't fair however.

Move to France, run for office and force schools to teach better English? Yes ignore is my friend but it shouldn't be everyday solution to crap i'm seeing on chat daily. The extra-large diaphragm, RF pentode, iron core, and volts of drive result in incredible sound reproduction of vocals and instruments in crucial and project recording applications.

Please bear in mind that neewbies do not have the right connections and are not always already in a guild, they need to ask their questions first then get absorbed.