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This must now be the best and most used enema forum site on the internet Should anyone know of a better site, I too would like to know where. The chat room is not needed, I believe. If anyone wished to live chat, they can list their AIM, Yahoo, MSN or their e-mail address the site will show if you are online and wish to be contacted.

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My Activity October 14, paewin ed Avid Community. I take them whenever possible and usually no less than once per month. Enema Discussion. Post 1. Post 1. M2M enemas are incredibly hot too. If gardening was my thing I would be at a gardening site. Stay tuned. Would consider myself an enema enthusiast. Read here more information what is bonus group membership.

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I can only see this site getting bigger and better. Recommended Reading Recent Posts. Post Post 4. This is the best I agree, this site enema chat rooms excellent. I dated a student nurse for several years and she "practiced" on me frequently. An enema is maybe the most erotic thing I do solo and always le to masturbation. I added a chat room on my site at www. List Browse List by tags.

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As for chat, I really prefer to do that one on one, not in a group setting. Some people are regular users. Sorry, Full sized images are viewable for bonus group members only.

How many members are regular enema users?

When engaging in M2M sex, I really only want to play with guys who are also into enemas. Because keeping these sites going can enema chat rooms a lot of work. Every weekend. Post 5. This is a great forum. I have to agree that this is a great site. Answers to commonly asked questions about the forums and chat rooms.

This is the best site that I have found on the internet. I feel very comfortable with this one and I'm glad to be a part of it. Generally, twice a week for me. If you find something that has no business being posted, flag it and the moderator will review it.

I've learned a lot from it. Maye, enema is common in hospitals ad is a simple and. I am quite addicted to both giving and receiving enemas.

They have a set schedule for taking enemas, both days and quantity. Not so easy to bring up in the normal course of conversation.

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Post 7. Just meeting people of my age 64 who enjoy the subliminal pleasure of bag and nozzle have changed my life in a good way. BongaCams is the largest and nastiest adult webcam community in the world and one of. This is the best site I have ever found, and I frequently do internet searches for new enema information.

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So yes I am a user. I clicked on it and noticed free cyber sex cam chat rooms is gone. I really appreciate the fact that the site stays on subject. Free webcam chat rooms with live teen cams, come here to chat for free. Two of those boards were, and are, allways full of flames and people knocking.

About enema chat rooms forum & tennesse chat

Another good site is www. As an adult, it was a long time before I found a woman to give me an enema and even longer before finding a woman who would let me give her one.

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Been browsing for a while and I must say that there is quite a lot of good info to be found here. Post 3. Meez avatar forums and free games. Intelligent, articulate, informative and very very interesting.

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Have been since my mother gave them to me as. I take a series of 2 to 3 enemas at least once a week, but more often than not twice a week. After all, we are here to enjoy, just as you are, and wish to make it an environment for all to appreciate. Post 8.

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Save Cancel. I like the way this site self polices it's self.

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Always a user here, always have been and always will be. I am defiantly a user and fanatic, used to think there was something wrong with me and did anybody else have the same desires, well after i found this site I feel much better that i am not alone in my enema and spanking sessions. I guess it all pans out.

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I am totaly addicted to it, as I am enemas. Free, no membership required, many features. Post 7. Webchat java interface for our chat rooms is available by clicking on the chat button next to one of the adult chat rooms listed below.

This is an "Adults Only" network, users must be of legal age in their geographical area to use our network though difficult to prove, age is usually evident by behavior. Post 2. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by enema chat rooms the link above. Sorry, Full sized images are viewable for bonus group members only. There was a time when the equipment was just left available for whenever use. The exact day and time varies.

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I especially like it because of the demeanor of the members. I for one am a true enema user since age 10 or This is the best one at this point because it seems to have more material being added than the others. Come in and subject those therein to wonderful exquisite tortures. Forum and message board for the experience group I Love Enemas.

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Post in discussion forums and talk with a community of people like you. As many here know there has been three Voy message boards concerning enemas.

Best enema site on the internet

I take an enema at least once a week and sometimes two to three times a week depending on my schedule. This is definitely a great site especially for discussion etc. Best I have found in over 10 years enema chat rooms internet surfing. Count me in! Post 3. I agree, this site is both very active and very well moderated and friendly. Great honest respectful posts.

I am a very regular enema user, taking a coffee enema every day.