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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Oct 29, Despite all the horror stories on this forum, the Pacifica garnered an "average" reliability rating from Consumer Reports based on surveys of owners: consumerreports. To be clear, all FCA cars rank in the lower half of their reliability rankings, which is not good, but is an improvement for Chrysler which has been much lower before. Honda is better, but Toyota ranks 1 and has hovered there sienna chat forum decades see chart at above link.

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Toyota manages its 1 ranking with fourteen models. So realistically, best they can probably hope for is to take a chunk of the PacHy sales, which is tiny estimated at under 10k per year and being Hybrid vs PHEV, Toyota can't really expect to even take all of that so it might be that offering a hybrid Sienna only gets them an extra 25, sales sienna chat forum that.

It is awesome that you found a solution that works well for you.

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Rotate image Save Cancel. Four Wheel Drive. This is a totally different issue that has yet to be resolved - never mind the long term effects on the engine. Let me know if you want more info. Continue with Facebook. I have weathertech floor liners and a husky cargo liner that I will post up in the for sale section cheap for those interested.

I'm not talking about the face painted sienna chat forum Sienna. AVS Forum. I realize you and others may have specific needs or desires that the Pacifica fulfills. I used to own a Sienna and still occasionally visit the siennachat forum. First Prev 2 of 4 Go to. ed Jul 12, Well, today I got rid of it and love being back in a Limited Sienna. When it is available, it will be time to replace our Seinna XLE sienna chat forum the new one. the discussion. Regards, Hangman I have had many Ford pickups and two Taurus' go for what seemed like a billion miles - drove an F last week which hadmiles on it that ran like it just came from the dealer, the truck was super with not even a squeak, but then I have had Ford's which were terrible as well Ecoboost Flex.

Nice work. ed Jan 24, And then there are all the electronic nightmares that Honda can't get right. Whaler Adventurer.

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ed Oct 13, Last edited by Bb on Apr 22nd, pm, edited 1 time in total. About this Discussion. Next Last. Honda Odyssey Forum.

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A lot of info has been leaked and talked about online about the next gen Toyota Sienna. Just waiting for next canoe trip or snow storm. ed Oct 13, The folks on this forum has been great, so will miss the people here.

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Oh no It should be sienna chat forum much the same Highlander that was just announced at New York, but with sliding door and more space for 3rd row. But at the end of this CR video it is said, "If Chrysler can get over its reliability demons, the Pacifica may really be worth the wait. I'm very sienna chat forum as my wife and I just had identical twin boys and the minivan now holds a ly non-existent allure Went with the EX trim just to avoid the sunroof and less headroom. Crappy transmission aside, the Ody does hold its value like crazy. Log in. I was very pleased with private party value i received.

There is also the terrible knocking sound that many of us are fighting Honda about. Continue with Google. We find our Pacifica to be very nice and so far reliable. Air conditioning problems. Explore Our Forums. The Ody drives more like a car than the Sienna.

Sienna forum

The Pacifica, Sienna chat forum, and Sienna all perform well, and have similar levels of comfort, ride, and quietness. That looks like exactly the same mule that was photographed in the summertime. I like Toyota but Honda always seems 1 generation ahead of them. Ca if you search in Alberta sienna lift you'll find my post. Chrysler does better than the other FCA brands Dodge, Jeep and Ram due mainly to how the different models are normally driven and I'm sure Fiat too, which in its life had an abysmal record here in the U.

This was when I decided my Odyssey was not worth my family's life in it. I have had well OVER 50 cars in the last 20 years. Basically what you can reasonably conclude by looking at owner groups on the Internet is that cars have problems. I understand if you want to compare the yet to sienna chat forum revealed new Sienna to Pacifica. For me, it was during highway lane changes where I sped up to over take another car then the Ody just suddenly shuddered and stalled on me for a couple of seconds, almost causing an accident.

I tried putting a link to photos but it won't let me. Pacifica and Hyundai and Kia buyers are probably motivated by price more than anything which would likely rule out Toyota gains. Rarely do people post about the good. Despite all the horror stories on this forum, the Pacifica garnered an "average" reliability rating from Consumer Reports based on surveys of owners: consumerreports.

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Also as a he up, I have weathertech floor liners and a husky cargo liner that I will post up in the for sale section cheap for those interested. I'm pretty sure the next gen Sienna would have been a solution to both of our choices but unfortunately I can't wait that long and my kid decided to come this year.

Toyota sienna discussion; a totally new minivan?

I hope that the article is incorrect but I wouldn't be completely surprised: Toyota has sold the Sienna chat forum Hybrid for almost 20 years in Japan and it's been selling the HiHy in North America for almost 15 years so they've had the opportunity to sell Sienna Hybrid, they've simply chosen not to. Sienna sales have been dropping a lot in the US however in Canada it actually still does very well.

The RX also offers an external oil to sienna chat forum transmission cooler ed Jul 1, Come the discussion about upgrades, towing capacity, reliability, and more! I'm also in the Honda Odyssey Facebook group, where one can read stories of screens freezing, Bluetooth problems, etc. Search forums. I've also posted some photos in the sienna chat forum. I've searched around a bit and haven't been able to find anything for up front. A more reliable, and more boring for sure they have, but totally new? Looks like three good choices.

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Probably more frankly. The rear shocks have have nearly a 10" stroke with pin and eye mounts That's a great looking van. This is my 3rd Sienna all with the same body style. When they published the video they didn't have reliability data yet, but the question has since been answered for them. So it actually was not bad at all. Log in. Does anyone know where I could look?